Case Studies


MOV Emergency Distribution Board – Oil and Gas Operator in the North Sea

Electon was contracted to resolve an issue on a North Sea asset where certain MOV’s (Motor Operated Valves) were required to be operated during black start to allow the start-up of the main generation. No existing Emergency MOV distribution board was installed on the asset. Electon designed and specified a new 3 Phase distribution board and sourced an existing power supply from an emergency switchboard to supply power to it. Thereby giving the asset the ability to run the MOV’s during black start and resolving their issues with starting the main generation. We also provided engineering input into the completion of design drawings and the procurement of the equipment.

Smart Mix Metering Skid – Oil and Gas Operator in the North Sea

A new metering skid was being installed on a North Sea asset. Electon provided electrical engineering design input and commissioning support to set up the VFD’s to run on the vendor control system.



Calorifier Control Panel – Oil and Gas Operator in the North Sea

A calorifier control panel was required to run a colorifier heater at certain time intervals to meet HSE legislation on legionella in standing water. Electon designed and specified the control panel, sub contracting the scope to a local panel builder. The project was delivered on time to meet a tight shutdown schedule.

Temporary Generator – Oil and Gas Operator in the North Sea

A temporary generator was to be installed on one of our clients North Sea assets. Electon carried out all electrical engineering input and vendor liaison. This included a Load Study, Various Calculations, Protection Settings Schedule, Asset Liaison, Vendor Liaison, Attendance at FAT and Work Pack Input. Along with engineering input into the SLD, Cable Schedule, Termination Diagram and Materials Requisition. The project was completed on time and was a complete success. Our client fed back that they were particularly pleased with the professional level of support they received on the project.